For phone - Statues

statues, lions, Budapest, Chain Bridge, Hungary
lanterns, Basilica of St. Peter, Monument, statues, Vatican
The Supreme Court, The United States, Palms, Human, Monument, Honolulu
People, Monument, sea, bench, bench, Great Sunsets
Navona Square, Italy, fountain, Monument, buildings, Rome
blue, orchids, Statue of Buddha, Flowers
Houses, Las Vegas, fountain, Statue monument, Hotels, buildings
fountain, stone, Lion, Statue monument
Wolf, old Zoo, Pozna?, sculpture
clouds, Fog, Rio de Janeiro, Statue of Christ the Redeemer, Brazil
sculpture, botanical, Pozna?, Garden
blue, Elephant, sculpture, Green
Statue monument, Lion
Statue monument, demon
Tower, west, sun, London
Statue monument, Park Raczynski, viewes, Bush, trees, Rogalin
contours, statue, freedom
Statue monument, bridge, Sky, River
Flowers, People, Statue monument, old town
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